Thursday, February 24, 2005

I'm Not Stupid, I'm Just New!

I am writing this from an old travel trailer, 10 miles outside of a little mountain village in New Mexico. I arrived 8 years ago. I came to this place to; " Find myself ". To make a long story short ( I left a good job in the city ). My life is different now. My new line of work is -WORKING SHOVEL-. I have developed quite a reputation for being the man you want to approach with the delicate and technical task of removing rock encrusted terra firma, in a straight line from point A to point B. Yes I am the man.
This shit has got to stop! I am 53 years old and not accustomed to living on the financial edge. I have dental records, Hall Of Fame, Gengavitus and my back is giving out. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to be living my new life. I am not bitter towards the corporate world. It just wasn't doing it for me. Now let me explain, this shovel routine isn't doing it for me eather., but it serves it's purpose. it keeps me fed while I am searching. Searching for what you might ask? Well it started out with me finding a way to make a living without breaking my back. I stumbled onto the internet.
It came to me, All I have to do, is have a phone line brought out to my trailer and the world will be at my finger tips. It's perfect, I have all the time in the world to study. You know; A Day At A Time. I can figure this thing out and end my glorious carrier as the local soils engineer. It's been two years since that fateful decision. I still have shovel clause's, but I still have faith.
The INTERNET has got to be the most frustrating and convoluted journey's I have ever undertaken. I have created a daily mantra." I'm not stupid, I'm just new". There are Billions of dollars flowing over the Internet every day! Why the hell can't I get any of it? I am not trying to get rich, I just want to meet my basic needs. You know, food clothing and maybe some new teeth. I don't want to admit how much money I have fed into this little electronic box, with not so much as a thank you , kiss my ass or have a nice day. Everytime I push the little start button and hear the magical music of the beast awakening, I think today will be the day, today I will triumph, today I will discover the path to financial security. How much bullshit can one feed one self before they choke to death? I am so damn tired of reading the words, Fast, Easy, Magic, Secret .... You know the words. The sales words used to entice you into letting a complete stranger attach themselves to your credit card, like a tick on a dog. A few little clicks, type a few numbers, a few letters, and voila, Time to look for a house without wheels! Yeh Right, on your best day. You will be lucky to make enough money to cover the interest on the credit card you used to buy the program.
Hey, don't get me wrong, I am not bad mouthing the Internet. Oh contrare. I kinda like the idea of millions of people actually looking for a place to spend their money, a place where they can satisfy their needs or wants.
The one truth I have learned on this journey is that the Internet is nothing more than one gigantic ongoing commercial. That's all it is. Nothing more. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, someone is trying to sell something. An idea, a system, a program, a product. I don't think there a subject you can click too that doesn't have some little window which allows you to deposit money.
If you are still reading this, my guess is you feel the same. Well, I have an idea! Maybe we can work together.
First. I DO NOT WANT YOUR MONEY! That's not what this is all about. Oh, I do want something. Your opinions, your experiences, Your ideas.
Second. I am no computer Guru. Hell, I am not even computer competent. Two years ago I thought ; REBOOT, meant get new shoes.
OK, Now that you know where I am coming from, here is my idea. Let's you and me and the rest of our readers try to figure out how to make a living on the Internet. I am not talking the Internet Millions so often being touted. ( although, that would be nice. ) Right now let's just find a way to meet our basic needs. This blog is meant to be an outlet for all of us. A place to come and vent. A place where you can come to expound upon the last screwing you took at the hands of some smarmy cyber thief. I want to here it all, we all want to here it. We can all learn from one another. On the other hand, if you have something that is working for you and you want to share it with us, lay it out. Tell us what you are doing, how it works and why. We will then discuss your program or idea in an open forum and we will analyze it as a team Who knows, by working together , we might just find something that works. Ok everybody, Repeat after me. " I 'M NOT STUPID, I 'M JUST NEW!"
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At 5:50 AM, Blogger placo said...

You sure know how to make others feel good about the hand we are dealt with in life. Like they say, "and I thought I had a tough life". Kudo's to you for sticking it out in spite of the adversities you are experiencing. You have the courage and sense of humor it takes to get through those difficult times we must all face in order to try and discover who and what we are in this world. You will no doubt find yourself. Keep that zest for pursuing your search and you will show us the way. Good fortune.

At 8:31 AM, Blogger Jodie said...

I sold on Ebay for quite some time after my divorce while I put myself through nursing school. The trick to ebay for me was to sell stuff I knew something about. I didn't make a lot of money but what I made sure helped.

Good luck with your endeavors!


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